About Marc Firestone

Marc Firestone life insuranceMarc Firestone is a Los Angeles based life insurance professional, marriage counselor, and community and religious leader. He was born into a secular Jewish family, and raised in West LA. After questioning the expectations and qualities of what is most commonly perceived as a “successful life”, Firestone began to take an interest in the self and interpersonal relationships.

His dating site, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” has helped men connect and better communicate with their spouses for 20 years.

Early Life and Education

Marc Firestone was raised in a secular home in Los Angeles. Like many Americans, he was taught the gospel of hard work– that money is not the sole key to happiness, but the end goal should be a happy family, financial security, and a home with a fence. In short, he was taught about the American Dream. Like some Americans, he began to question this idea. Like few Americans, he actually took this intellectual challenge to the next level, and looked at the track of the “typical American” through a skeptical lens.

While an undergraduate, he was exposed to the idea of life after death, and embarked on a journey to get in touch with his Jewish roots. Since then, he has become heavily involved in the Jewish community, helping to build lasting and loving relationships among people.

Life Insurance

Marc first got involved in life insurance through the efforts of his good friend, Richard Horowitz. Richard believed his colleague would be a good match for the insurance business because it would fit right into a traditional Jewish lifestyle. Sure enough, Marc was a perfect fit. He mastered the art of taking a product and distilling into simple ideas that potential customers can easily understand. In short, Firestone has a special knack for making the complicated simple.

As an insurance salesman, Marc has had considerable success in finding and negotiating with the most cost effective companies, exhibiting excellent communication skills, being honest and transparent when handling other people’s’ money. Transparency is hard to come by in this field, which makes Marc that much more valuable.